Title of conference: Liquid Biopsies

Organizer: European Association for Cancer Research

Date and location: Bergamo, Italy | 24 – 26 May 2022


Short description

This meeting aims to develop our understanding of the potential of liquid biopsies. This includes to support early detection of cancer; as prognostic, pharmacodynamic and predictive biomarkers of treatment efficacy and resistance; and for patient monitoring, including of minimal residual disease for early identification of disease relapse. It will also explore how liquid biopsies can be incorporated in cancer patient management and how implementation of liquid biopsies can change clinical practice.


Who should attend?

Translational scientists, biologists, geneticists, clinical chemists, molecular pathologists, oncologists, patient advocates, primary care (GPs), radiologists, clinical and non-clinical trainees, biotech and diagnostic companies, Pharma, bioengineers.






Bursary application deadline: 31 March 2022
Abstract submission deadline: 31 March 2022
Registration deadline: 25 April 2022


Contact person

Jen Caddick, EACR Conference Officer, jennifer.caddick@eacr.org



Nicola Aceto, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Ryan Corcoran, Harvard Medical School, USA
Sarah-Jane Dawson, PeterMac, Australia
Luis Diaz, MSKCC, USA
Caroline Dive, CRUK Manchester Institute, UK
Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Daniel Haber, Harvard Medical School, USA
Ellen Heitzer, Medical University of Graz, Austria