Stavros Giannoukakos – ESR 11


Main Host Institution: University of Granada

Host Lab: Department of Genetics

Project Background: The ELBA research project, assigned to ESR 11, aims to integrate different non-invasive liquid biopsy biosources (EVs, CTC, ctDNA, TEPs) in order to early detect and diagnose NSCLC with high accuracy and sensitivity. The researcher will work closely on processing and analysing the produced Second-generation and Third-generation sequencing data (RNA/DNA) obtained from the aforementioned biosources. The ultimate goal is to successfully combine the information coming from the different sources and based on this molecular profile, generate methods to discriminate between healthy and cancer samples, responders and non-responders to different therapies and stage. The ESR will both apply already existing state-of-the-art bioinformatic tools and develop novel methods to analyse such data.