Mafalda Antunes Ferreira


Main Host Institution: Amsterdam University Medical Centre (Amsterdam UMC)

Host Lab: Neuro-Oncology Group

Project Title: Diagnostic utility of nucleic acid composition in TEPs from NSCLC patients

Project Background: The blood samples from cancer patients contain platelets can be a source of cancer biomarkers. The focus of my PhD Project is to improve and standardize methods using Tumor Educated Platelets (TEPs) for early stage Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) detection and characterization.

Project Aim:

  • NSCLC blood samples collection and processing, including biobanking and database procedures for optimal sample utilization.
  • Automation of the ThromboSeq protocol and validation of the algorithm in the detection and stratification of early stage NSCLC patients.
  • Development and evaluation of clinical utility of TEPs assays integrated with other biosources, for companion diagnostics and therapy stratification.
  • Computational multimodal approach to integrate multiple clinical and biomarkers data into clinical advice.