Diogo Fortunato

ESR 15

Main Host Institution: Institution: Exosomics Siena S.p.A, Siena – Italy

Project Title: Characterization of circulating EV subpopulations for direct affinity capture from complex biofluids and early-stage diagnosis of lung cancer.

Project Background:  Mounting clinical evidence suggests that liquid biopsy may revolutionize the way cancer patients are currently managed. Within this context, our study aims to assess and reinforce unique and complementary advantages of EV/exosome-based approaches, through identification and quantitative detection of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) EV biomarkers. Current technology and methods for exosome isolation from complex biological samples (i.e. plasma), have shown to be unreliable. There is a need to substantially improve them to enable multiparameter EV analysis. Therefore, in addition to EV-biomarker discovery, we test plasma processing and pre-analytical tools, devices and optimized immunoaffinity protocols that tackle fundamental obstacles, such as complex matrix effects.

Project Aim:

  • Our goal is to provide an EV immunocapture approach with enough sensitivity, specificity and robustness for clinical grade diagnostic applications.